d.labs' 7-day agile mastery email course

7 days. 6 stages of business development. Hundreds of actionable tips

The d.labs' 7-day agile mastery course is our gift to the entrepreneurial ecosystem at large, designed to empower its users to unlock their potential both as business leaders and creative visionaries.

The course content was curated by our inhouse business development unit and has been rigorously tested by our clients. No gimmicks. No buzzwords. Just proven frameworks that have underpinned over 50 successful digital ventures.


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Whether you're taking your first steps or are scaling fast - we've got you covered

After registering, we will unlock the secrets successful startups that have gone through the following steps and stages:
Supercharge your business idea with an ideation canvas
Get the absolute best out of your customer interviews
Product sprint methodology to skyrocket your business
Build MVPs like an MVP
Move fast without breaking things beyond the MVP
Scaling your business
Building a business from scratch (a step-by-step recap)

Content bonuses

  • Business Ideation Canvas explained with real-life examples
  • Amazing webinar recordings free to access as an additional resource
  • Checklists and bullet points for your business to make sure you get the best out of it
  • Dozens of books, articles and tools recommendations

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the value of agile development for your business
  • Deep dive on each stage of business development
  • Receive actionable tips to elevate your business from day 1

I'm not a techie - is it for me?

Agile is for everyone and we’ve worked hard to make this course as accessible as possible. From the tech-savy to the tech-phobic, our content aims to align all your employees around key business development processes, methods and terminology. Our emails are written with your product managers, developers, engineers, design leads, marketers and investors in mind.

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