Business Ideation Workshop

Jumpstart your digital venture

A half-day workshop, led by d.labs experts, to jumpstart your new venture.
Envisioning that people might be willing to book other people's homes didn't create Airbnb and discovering that tights smooths a silhouette didn’t get spanx off the ground. It’s only by combining customer empathy (the who and why), experience design (the how and what) and business strategy (the money spinner) that we can start to bring a business to life. Having converted over 50 clients’ hunches into bonafide digital ventures, we think we’ve just about perfected this recipe at d.labs - and now we’re ready to share.
The d.labs Business Ideation Workshop is our new offering for those looking to bring their product ideas to life, and fast.

We will work together towards developing the business model prototype and design the tests that will let you know whether you’re on the right track.

The Business Ideation Workshop sets the tone for the scientific approach towards building your new venture and will underpin your company building process with a data-driven, scientific approach.

This half-day sprint is framed by the following 3-step process:
Combining market research (key market players, constituents and trends) with cross-industry best practice to create testable, go-forward assumptions.
Deploying the d.labs Business Ideation Canvas to create your prototype business model.
Defining what success means for your venture and preparing tests to ensure your new business model can deliver.
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The d.labs team is always looking for ways where we can give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem our company supports and depends upon. As such, we are now offering founders outside of our portfolio the opportunity to book a free 30 minute call with one of our partners to discuss how your business can rise to the challenges and opportunities represented by COVID-19. Part counseling, part crisis management, these calls lend a sympathetic ear and a go-forward strategy to those who need them most.
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