Our 5 favorite podcasts: entrepreneurship edition

In 2020 we made some entrepreneurship books & wellness apps recommendations for you that you really seemed to enjoy. And as we get asked about our favorite entrepreneurship and business podcasts quite often, we decided to take a peek into our team's podcast playlists, have them pick their favorites and ask them to tell us a bit more about their choices.

My First Million

“I consider this podcast to be entrepreneurship at it’s purest. From trying to become the best seller in romance books on Amazon to other out-of-the box ideas discussed and executed by the hosts or their guests, the hosts embody what makes successful entrepreneurs successful: speed, persistence and curiosity.”

Primoz Skerget, Product Design Lead @d.labs

The Product Experience- Mind the Product

"The product experience is a podcast for PMs and everyone working in startups that build products. The show features guests that are PMs with experience in working in startups or as founders themselves so the learnings are very valuable. You get the insight into their decision-making processes, actions that they took that brought good or bad results and what they would do differently if they could go back in time and do it all over again. These diverse experiences really broaden your horizons. "

Barbara Secko, Product Manager @d.labs

Inc. Founders Project with Alexa von Tobel

"As a marketer, podcast manager and someone who is always on the lookout for new channels and emerging trends, I get to listen to many podcasts so it's pretty hard to pick one. However, one podcast that comes to mind that I think many founders, future or existing, would benefit from is the Inc.Founders Project with Alexa von Tobel. I love the topics covered, guest selection and the value that each episode provides. If you'd like to learn how to build, fix, engage, lead, motivate, maintain, and overall make a difference, this podcast is a good place to start."

Maja Stanimirovic, Digital Marketing Manager @d.labs

Invest Like the Best

"Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s podcast, particularly its Founders’ Field-guide series, is likely the most thoughtful entrepreneurial podcast you can find. Guests are founders from various fields that open the range of learnings exponentially and the opportunities for cross-pollinating across industries are vast. Always extremely well prepared and insightful."

Jaka Levstek, CEO & Co-Founder @d.labs

Exponential View

"Understanding and shaping the implications of today’s technologies both on business sector and on society at large. With a foresight that goes far beyond the next quarter. Azeem Azhar has done something that far surpasses the usual reach of podcasts and is closer to what you’d expect from MIT or Stanford - and in many ways exceeds it."

Jaka Levstek, CEO & Co-Founder @d.labs


The Twenty Minute VC

“All episodes are entertaining and packed with information, but I especially liked one of the latest with Phil Libin. He offered rich insights into company building and leadership from his career as Evernote founder and later a VC. I always enjoy when guest offer their view on unbundling a whole category - in this case it was the verticalisation of Zoom.”

Primoz Skerget, Product Design Lead @d.labs


"Andreesen-Horowitz’ flagship educational podcast. Nuff said."

Jaka Levstek, CEO & Co-Founder @d.labs

What are some of your favorite entrepreneurship podcasts? We'd love to hear from you!