Fractional Leadership. Elevating startups with different roles.

d.labs offers a unique and powerful solution for pre-seed, seed, and Series A founders: the ability to hire fractional leaders in key positions - Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Product Officer, and Head of UX/Design. Our service is meticulously designed to not only elevate your operational capabilities but also to enhance your fundraising efforts by providing vetted, experienced individuals who can effectively communicate with venture capitalists (VCs).

Expert Leadership Across Crucial Domains

Fractional CTO

Our fractional CTOs bring in a wealth of experience in tech leadership, offering strategic guidance and robust solutions in technology development. Their expertise in building scalable, secure technology architectures and fostering a culture of innovation and agility is invaluable in driving your venture's technological vision.

Chief Product Officer

The fractional Chief Product Officers at d.labs are seasoned professionals in navigating the complex path from concept to market-fit product. They excel in aligning product strategies with business objectives, focusing on user-centric development and data-driven decision-making, essential for creating products that resonate with the market and users.

Head of UX/Design

Our fractional Heads of UX/Design specialize in crafting compelling, user-focused design strategies. They ensure that every design element aligns with user needs and business goals, enhancing the overall user experience and engagement, which is pivotal in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Empowering Fundraising with Credible Leadership

One of the unique advantages of our fractional leadership service is its direct impact on your fundraising capabilities. Having a d.labs vetted leader on board lends credibility and confidence to your venture, particularly in discussions with VCs. These leaders not only demonstrate your commitment to quality and expertise but also articulate your vision and operational strategy effectively to investors, significantly enhancing your fundraising potential.

A Comprehensive Approach for Synchronized Growth

By integrating fractional leadership across these key areas, d.labs ensures that your startup benefits from a synchronized and holistic approach to product development, design, and technology. This integration facilitates seamless collaboration, driving your venture towards a unified goal with efficiency and innovation.

Our fractional leaders do more than fill roles; they embed themselves into your teams, mentor in-house talent, and help build a resilient, forward-thinking culture. This approach not only prepares your venture for current challenges but also sets a strong foundation for future growth and success.

Partners in Your Journey to Innovation and Success

At d.labs, we are committed to being your partners in this journey, empowering your startup with the leadership and tools needed for operational excellence and successful VC engagements.

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