We asked ChatGPT 5 questions about the startup-sphere future! Here are the answers

On November 30, ChatGPT entered - well - the chat and snatched 1 million users in just five days. In comparison, it took ten months for Facebook to win over the same amount, four months for Pinterest, and 35 days for Angry Birds. So when OpenAI presented its latest bot system that allows people to ask countless questions on many topics for free, the cyber world went into a frenzy that is still not backing down.

What makes ChatGPT so revolutionary is more than just the ability to answer any question. Chatbots around the World Wide Web have been doing this, more or less successfully, for years, but the newest tech toy can learn what humans mean by asking a particular question. This achievement could disrupt how we interact with computers and collect information forever. With all that in mind, we wanted to first-hand test the newest OpenAI brain child's abilities. We sat down with the most popular bot on the block to chat about what the future holds for startups and this is what it told us.

1. What is the year 2023 going to be like for European startups?

2. Which European startup events are a "must-visit" for every startup in 2023?

3. What will investors look for in early-stage startups in 2023?

4. How to impress a VC fund to invest in a startup?

5. What should European startups focus on in 2023?