Zooming out to zoom in - From Corporate (In)Sights to Startup Vision

The best ideas come from a deep understanding of challenges at hand, combined with the freedom to think creatively and the collaboration of diverse minds working towards a common goal. This is exactly what happened to James Martin, an ex-Zoom Head of Distinguished Architects, who recognised the inefficiencies in enterprise communication and was driven toinnovate. Utilising his firsthand experiences and leveraging the collective expertise of d.labs team, James set out totransform how businesses manage and communicate change, leading to the development of Butterflye, an announcementand engagement platform for news, roadmaps, changelog and anything in between.

Scope of work

Discovery Services

Customer research


Product Development Services


Product Design

Customer facing application

Landing page

Instructional video


Business design

Pricing and revenue model

Investment strategy and support

Customer Acquisition

Discovery Process

The discovery process unfolded through a three-phase journey. The initial phase was dedicated to an extensive research, laying the groundwork for what was to come. This period of research and exploration culminated in the creation of afoundational document, setting the stage for the subsequent development work.

As we ventured into the second phase, the build phase, our efforts were channeled into crafting a change management prototype. This prototype was then put to the test with a select group of initial users, whose feedback became the critical turning point of our journey.

It was this invaluable insight that ushered us into the third phase, marking a significant pivot in our approach. We realigned our efforts to more closely meet the needs and expectations of the users, a move that was both strategic and transformative.

This pivot wasn't just a change in direction; it was a profound transformation that guided us towards creating an elegant, modern and simple platform. By deeply engaging with user feedback and demonstrating a remarkable ability to adapt, we were able to tailor the solution to perfectly cater to the newly identified needs of the users, setting a new benchmark for innovation and usability.

Key Insights

1. Change management is very niche and existing tools are complex

2. Pivoting and founderʼs adaptability to change, especially in the early phase, is crucial

3. Market readiness for a (niche) communication tool has been validated

Product Build

Initiating the build phase, our team identified four foundational pillars of change management: creation, collaboration, caption, and communication. Through extensive testing and invaluable user feedback, it became clear that collaboration and communication were the core elements of our approach. Collaboration brought change management into sharp focus, enabling the seamless publishing of updates within internal feeds to foster an environment of shared insights and collective progress.

From the get-go, our product strategy included integrating AI-driven features, supported by a Google Startup grant that provided essential resources for deploying AI services. The initial deployment featured a “changeˮ SWOT analysis tool, which later evolved to support more advanced publishing and content management functionalities, including an AI writing assistant designed to enhance content creation efficiency.

As our concept matured, the spotlight shifted towards enhancing communication. This evolution allowed for the expansion of the platform's capabilities, enabling the distribution of information on public pages, where users could not only access content but actively engage with it through comments, mentions, and meaningful community interactions.

This strategic pivot from mere collaboration to a broader emphasis on communication marked a significant transition in our development journey. By prioritising content over the functionality of the feed, we developed a platform that emphasises the essence of message and engagement, ensuring that the heart of our innovation is dedicated to enhancing user experience and promoting meaningful interactions.

The Outcome

The journey that began with the vision of a change management tool evolved into a versatile product. This platform now features a comprehensive feed, a roadmap, and an engaging space for showcasing a variety of ideas and content.

Transitioning from a simple collaboration tool to a sophisticated publishing platform, it empowers users to share insights, communicate effortlessly, subscribe to diverse channels, send emails, and much more. This transformation has turned the initial concept into a dynamic ecosystem designed for engagement and growth.

As a company committed to turning visionary ideas into successful realities, on top of working on the product, we are thrilled to see that our introductions to investors have enabled Butterflye to secure 2 pre-seed investments. With the right team in place, market validation and acceptance into Techstars Boulder Accelerator Spring 2024 cohort, Butterflye team is heading towards growth.

James Martin, Co-Founder & CTO @ Butterflye

Working with d.labs gave us the team and support we needed to get our product off the ground.  They worked with us from day one to massage the idea and build our MVP all the way through to a version 2 that is now in the market. They became and extension of our own team, not simply taking orders but ideating on different elements of the product and strategy. They brought new ideas to the table every week and where a pleasure to work with.