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Focus group

/ˈfəʊkəs gruːp/
A focus group is a research technique applied with the aim to collect data through group interaction. 

Consisting of six to ten individuals, focus groups are small groups of people with shared traits such as age, educational, financial, geographical background, etc. 

These carefully selected individuals attend up to two hour long guided sessions to participate in a discussion and voice their opinions, perceptions, attitudes on a designated topic, product, service or a campaign.

This allows companies to collect and process information on a particular topic or a product and have a clearer course of future action via consumer feedback. 

Here are some types of focus groups:

  1. Single focus group
  2. Two way focus group
  3. Dual moderator focus group
  4. Dueling moderator focus group 
  5. Respondent moderator focus group
  6. Mini focus group
  7. Online focus group