Full lean stack,
ready for ventures

In a world where customer demands – and loyalties – change faster than ever before, corporate giants have a lot to learn from the start-up mentality.

The Lean way is fiercely pragmatic, only iterating on what works in the present and for the future rather than staying stuck in the winning-formulas of the past. Without shareholder pressure for consistent performance, start-ups are able to strategise around the consumer demand of both today and tomorrow. It’s this goal-driven yet open-minded approach to innovation and emerging technology that can produce the disruptors corporations are right to both be afraid of and motivated to tap into on their terms.

Yet it is only possible to drive innovation towards company goals when that innovation comes from within its ranks. Though corporate-sponsored incubators and accelerators can create meaningful first steps into new verticals, the companies created are rarely able to achieve their backers’ aspirations for new market growth. Equally, haphazard acquisitions have the potential to actually damage new market development as company culture fractures and internal resources are divided.

Look inwards to grow/scale outwards

Cultivating your existing talent is a far safer investment than searching for new ones: growth fuelled by organic innovation is almost always found to be more substantive and sustainable than growth that depends on acquisitions.

Our corporate clients hire our own startup and scale team to guide and accelerate the ideas of their most ambitious employees into the products, services and even fully-fledged companies that are capable of transforming their entire organisation.

We make sandboxes out of black boxes

Emergent technologies are shaping future markets by enabling process optimization, product expansion and new industry opportunities. Most companies struggle to explore how or when to start working with technologies like blockchain and AI, with all the uncertainties and disruption they bring not only to markets but also to internal ways of doing business.

Onboarding with d.labs to accelerate product-to-future customers fit

d.labs provides an entrepreneurial approach to start engaging with these technologies in a manner that doesn’t jeopardize existing company position, culture and processes. We create a company sandbox - embedding your talent into our team of vetted entrepreneurs and engineers - to start creating the products that would only ever stay in your pipeline otherwise.